Thursday, 1 March 2007

The refit Thailand

This is a new year. A new beginning. And things will change. - Taylor Swift
We had a bucket list for what we wanted to do in this refit; most were completed, some were left and other bits were added on. But first, we had to stow nearly everything and prepare to spend time in chaos.
preparing for chaos

The major projects completed were:
  • hard cover over the cockpit
  • replace cockpit sides which were rotten
  • new bowsprit and pulpit
  • rebuild alleyway cupboards
  • new targa to hold the solar panels
  • new stainless steel battery box  
  • hull faired and repainted
As the chain and anchor were removed to send off for galvanising, we asked the yard for a 'small' labourer to clean out the anchor locker. Well this was completed with a very skinny 6'2 lad! 
For three 3 years we had lived with a canvas cover over the cockpit and decided it was time for a hard cover. We didn't want a hard dodger as we spend so much time in the tropics, and the cover would also house the future additional solar panels. We have awnings attached that drop and lock in bad weather, otherwise leaving us with all round vision and breeze.
starting the layout on the ground
nearly finished - note the PPE

the crane lifts in place

the hard cover provides an added view point

The cockpit coamings were rotten, so they had to be replaced, also giving us a higher backrest in the cockpit.
rotten timber removed at the back: note the old awning
on the sides

and the sliding hatch garage

new timber
the finished cockpit
Tientos had originally boasted a bowsprit but this had been removed by a previous owner, so it was time to return to her former glory. The carpenters did a wonderful job under Keith's direction, also the welders with the cranse iron. The bobstay and sidestays were also completed.
without the bowsprit
taking shape in ironwood

the bowsprit finished
lifting into place

nearly done
finished with the new pulpit
When we purchased Tientos, there was a domestic cooker situated in the alleyway to the aft cabin. We had demolished this earlier but had not replaced the lockers. Now was an opportunity to add to the stowage with sliding doors.
we lived with this cavernous hole for too long
getting there

Lea painting and salivating at the thought of extra stowage
space saving lockers

At this time we decided on a targa to house the solar panels, taking them off the davits. An additional section was made to contain the panels allowing them to 'swivel' during the day.
before the targa
Keith happy with the targa

the old and the new
lifting on the solar panels

the targa finished

We were going to change our house batteries to Trojan AGM's, but needed to keep them secure. Installing a stainless steel battery box meant the floor bearers and the floor itself needed to be raised. A new shower sump box was also added.
the new battery box and floor goes in
an extra job to get the crew cabin painted

Our painters were two or three women at a time who did a painstaking (pardon the pun) job after the hull was faired.
one of our petite painters
spiffy again
Keith completed all the wiring and Tientos was a new girl! We had thought about revamping our head but decided to leave that project for another time. We arrived in the yard on 19 January and launched on 5 March. It was a long long couple of months.  We booked into the Singkiat Hotel each weekend, doing our market shopping and these weekenders proved a bonus for morale. 

May all your bars be wooden and well-stocked!


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