Friday, 30 April 2010

Girls Afloat

'You don't scare me; I have 2 daughters' - author unknown
Remember the seven day work week Keith has at the Marina? Well once again with lots of planning, we managed to escape the confines of Tipperary Waters Marina and have another Easter break at Crab Claw. This time both daughters aboard - Candice and Tamar. 
Selfies were the order of the day
The trip to Bynoe Harbour where Crab Claw is situated requires a fair bit of planning; the tides in this area are macro-tidal with a maximum range of 7.8m so you need to work the tides to exit Darwin Harbour and enter Bynoe Harbour. Getting past Charles Point Lighthouse is always fun - NOT. 
The route from Darwin to Crab Claw
We actually hardly ever saw much of the girls as they spent much of their time at the resort, when not liaising with the local marine constabulary or fishing! 

Calm evenings
Dragonflies mean the Dry is coming
Tamar ready to hoist the sails
Crab Claw Resort
Stunning sunsets
Dinner aboard
Setting up the fishing lines
Fishing or tanning?
Tientos at anchor
Tamar checks out the new Water Police RIB
Eggs Benedict Breakfast
Tamar takes the helm