Gotta love the hair!
From constructing his own hovercraft at the tender age of 15, Keith has spent much of his social life 'messing about' in boats. 
Starting early

This led him to pursue careers in Victoria Water Police; (he was the 'Poster' man for Victoria Police!)

and Airservices Australia, where as a Senior Rescue Firefighter, he undertook hovercraft training to enhance the rescue capability in Darwin's mangroves. He is still one of the few licensed hovercraft pilots in Australia. 
Keith and his 'Sonny K'

Keith holds a number of commercial marine and firefighting qualifications. He received a commendation for security on the Australian Papal Visit in 1986 and holds National Medals and Clasps for 24 years service in Airservices.

Between cruising with Lea to SE Asia (most yachties need to rebuild the budget) and after retirement, he ran Tipperary Waters Marina in Darwin and was the Ocean Cruising Club Port Officer for Darwin.
At work - photo by World Arc

Keith has received numerous commendations from International visitors to the Marina, including the Oyster Rally, Blue Water Rally and World Arc Rally.
Keith has rebuilt Tientos and knows every nook and cranny and is skipper (supervising the autopilot) most of the time! 

Pronounced like the jet,  Lea is a firm proponent of the 'what-if' philosophy. Although she holds commercial 'stink boat' qualifications and was an accomplished water skier, Lea came to sailing later in life. 
The champagne is easier on a yacht
She is the competitive 'racer' of the family, but this is difficult to do in a 26 tonne boat!
Lea in racing mode
With a Master of Education (International), Lea's research focused on the resilience of children being home-schooled while travelling on yachts and she also wrote 'Cruising Indonesia'. When not working contracts in Darwin, Tientos was her floating office as she developed organisational documentation and resources for IMS Audits. 

The primary Navigator (always telling Keith where to go) she is also the Cruise Director.
Another successful 'cruise'

Together with the yacht cats, Keith and Lea intend to keep adventuring on land and sea...

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