Wednesday, 31 January 2018

2018 and The Blog continues

"The secret to a rich life is to have more beginnings then endings"– Dave Weinbaum

2018 started with our return journey from Thailand back to Malaysia. 
It also meant the recovery of the Blog finally so time to update quite a few happenings.

New Year’s Eve was marked with the usual stunning sunset and, as midnight is way beyond us, early champagne.

The sunsets never fail to amaze

Champagne in stunning locations
A friend had given us the coordinates for the ‘island with no name’ so that was to be our last beach side stop in Thailand. We all thoroughly enjoyed the layover, food and scenery. (…I give you the location)

Sinh always enjoys the views

The secret location

Beachside bar and restaurant

Easy access for the dinghy

Beachside relaxation

Timmy always wants his cuddles
At our anchorage at Bidan, enroute back to Langkawi, we answered a knock on the hull totally surprised! A group of young people were on their way camping through Thailand in a dinghy. I suppose that is one way of doing it but we will stick to the creature comforts of Tientos.

This is how these guys are seeing Thailand
Our trusty Navman Chart Plotter, installed in 2004, was recently being hard to navigate (pardon the pun) and we knew it was on a one-way street to failure, as was our Navman Fish Finder.  This trip was to be its final gasp but the Raymarine Radar/Plotter we installed in 2012 is continuing on now as the primary plotter. 
It lasted well for 14 years through 6 countries
Back in Langkawi, we needed to arrange a Vet for the boys’ annual vaccinations. Getting three cats to a vet is a logistical nightmare, but luckily Dr Kas from 
Schrödinger Veterinary Clinic (yep,named after the paradox) is happy to come aboard at anchor. Keith collected her from the Clinic, and we enjoyed dinner after the cats were finished their terror moment. 

Dr Kas and the needles
We also purchased, from Asiatic Marine, a new Raymarine Dragonfly Fish Finder to replace the dying sounder and lo and behold, it also comes with a plotter!  I love multi-tasking devices!

The shopping completed in Langkawi we headed to Crystal Beach for some relaxation time before heading to Pangkor Marina for yet another haul out.
Crystal Beach has always been one of our favourite anchorages
The 4 day trip to Pangkor from Langkawi was its normal boring voyage without surprises and it was, with some relief, we anchored opposite the Marina beside this beautiful Mosque.

We berthed in the Marina just in time for Australia Day and of course, the obligatory lamb at our favourite German Kitchen & Bar. 

Dressed for Australia Day

Roast Lamb 

May all your bars be wooden and well-stocked!

Thursday, 21 April 2016

The preparation continues...

'Life begins at retirement' - Author Unknown
On the countdown to the last days of our working life, the myriad of jobs required to prepare Tientos seems to rise exponentially.
The gas guy came aboard and confirmed our system all good and fixed a little problem; I was having problems with stir fries and not enough heat. Apparently the regulator needed a little adjustment.  
The propeller was sent off for testing and returned all calibrated and shiny.
Propeller all balanced
All of the standing rigging, 3 stainless steel forestays, 2 backstays, 4 cap stays, 4 shrouds, was replaced. Nobles manufactured the galvanised rigging and Keith was a busy bee up and down the mast. The turnbuckles and shackles were also replaced.
Keith replacing rigging
Old and new
Whilst he was hanging around up there, he discovered the spreader lights were full of water; new sealed units replaced these and a new block for the main halyard was installed. 
Old spreader lights a little wet
No water coming in on these beauties
The porthole in the forward cabin was a fixed plastic job and needed to be replaced. After bashing it out, a nice new opening porthole is now in place.
The old fixed porthole
Looking messy
Like new
Can't tell the difference
I designed 'passports' for the catz and had them printed; they are now ready to leave the country after their Rabies shots which are scheduled for May. Because Timmy was Mum's rescue cat, we had to make up a birthday, so based on his 'years' calculated by the vet, we gave him Sinh and Bennett's birthday; cakes all on the same day!
Cat Passport (three of them)

The greatest news for our preparation is we will now have a water maker! Our friends Grant and Mary Forbes saw our wish list on the last blog and offered (at a fantastic price) the one they had purchased for their boat 'Endurance of the South'. They never used this as they went on to buy El Gato, a cat the size of a third world nation, which has its own water maker. Many thanks guys and look forward to seeing you up north!
More jobs still to do but hopefully leaving the Marina in the next week or two and haul out planned for the 6th June. Lea will be in Bali for the three weeks the yard nightmare occurs.
Congratulations to Geoff Birch from Miranda I who is taking over from Keith as Lockmaster.

May all your bars be wooden and well-stocked!