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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Pangkor Marina revisited

'Land was created to provide a place for boats to visit' – Brooks Atkinson

This was to be our third boatyard visit in less than 12 months! With the anti foul sheeting off from our visit in February 2016, we had no choice but to haul and anti foul again.
We have two favourite boatyards in this part of the world: PangkorMarina in Malaysia is ideal for quick stops, like our prop shaft job or anti fouling. The sea-lift makes the haul easy and the marina has pretty much all tide access. For major work we prefer PSS Shipyard in Thailand, where most manufacturing is done on site and the different specialised workers are all in the yard.

Pangkor even has a plane using the ramp
We hauled on the 1st February with a definite 2 week limit for the bottom paint but while we were going to get some additional work completed, the contractors never bothered showing up.  Ah well, let’s paint the deck ourselves.

Entering the hard stand
Painting the decks...again...
We arrived in time for Chinese New Year so of course Tientos had to be decorated even though we were not aboard.
Tientos decorated for Chinese New Year 
Keith fitted the new Raymarine Firefly-4 depth sounder and installed the new transducer. The anodes were replaced and the prop shaft aligned and the anti foul completed with Jotun Seaforce 90 (red). The barrier coat was Vinyguard 88.

Barrier coat completed

Keith always on the ball with PPE

The anti foul is finished!

The transducer was faired to the hull
We had ordered a new sail cover from Zoom Sails arranging to have it sent to Pangkor. We had also arranged for a new raw water pump from Parts4Engines in the UK to be delivered. Pangkor is exceptionally easy to have parts delivered.
Accommodation was arranged by the Marina office at the Marina Island Pangkor Resort opposite the yard.  With air conditioning, kitchen and a washing machine, it made life easier being off the boat. The yacht cats however, were a different story! We could not take them into the Resort so life on board continued for them and they were not happy cats. Another plus for PSS as the cats join us in the flat. Our view looked back over the Island area and a light show was on for the holiday season.
View from our room at night
Pangkor is surrounded by small towns, large malls and virtually everything is accessible here.  We hired a car in Lumut for about AUD10 a day which made getting around, and visiting great restaurants, a breeze. My Australian passport was expiring this year so we took a drive to Kuala Lumpur to renew at the Australian High Commission. This was two easy day trips with parking next door and opposite the Twin Towers.

The Twin Towers are opposite the Australian High Commission
Both Keith and I did took the opportunity to do our Medicals at Pantai Hospital…less than the cost of a normal Doctor visit in Australia with highly qualified staff in a brand new fully equipped hospital.  I also arranged a new set of glasses at a local optometrist…Armani at a fraction of the cost at home.

Even the hospital celebrated Chinese New Year

Boat work and our own missions completed we were happy to leave the Marina on the 28th February to spend a few days at our own private beach at Teluk Siapu on Pangkor Island.

Tientos back in the water

Quiet relaxation time

May all your bars be wooden and well-stocked!

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

2018 and The Blog continues

"The secret to a rich life is to have more beginnings then endings"– Dave Weinbaum

2018 started with our return journey from Thailand back to Malaysia. 
It also meant the recovery of the Blog finally so time to update quite a few happenings.

New Year’s Eve was marked with the usual stunning sunset and, as midnight is way beyond us, early champagne.

The sunsets never fail to amaze

Champagne in stunning locations
A friend had given us the coordinates for the ‘island with no name’ so that was to be our last beach side stop in Thailand. We all thoroughly enjoyed the layover, food and scenery. (…I give you the location)

Sinh always enjoys the views

The secret location

Beachside bar and restaurant

Easy access for the dinghy

Beachside relaxation

Timmy always wants his cuddles
At our anchorage at Bidan, enroute back to Langkawi, we answered a knock on the hull totally surprised! A group of young people were on their way camping through Thailand in a dinghy. I suppose that is one way of doing it but we will stick to the creature comforts of Tientos.

This is how these guys are seeing Thailand
Our trusty Navman Chart Plotter, installed in 2004, was recently being hard to navigate (pardon the pun) and we knew it was on a one-way street to failure, as was our Navman Fish Finder.  This trip was to be its final gasp but the Raymarine Radar/Plotter we installed in 2012 is continuing on now as the primary plotter. 
It lasted well for 14 years through 6 countries
Back in Langkawi, we needed to arrange a Vet for the boys’ annual vaccinations. Getting three cats to a vet is a logistical nightmare, but luckily Dr Kas from 
Schrödinger Veterinary Clinic (yep,named after the paradox) is happy to come aboard at anchor. Keith collected her from the Clinic, and we enjoyed dinner after the cats were finished their terror moment. 

Dr Kas and the needles
We also purchased, from Asiatic Marine, a new Raymarine Dragonfly Fish Finder to replace the dying sounder and lo and behold, it also comes with a plotter!  I love multi-tasking devices!

The shopping completed in Langkawi we headed to Crystal Beach for some relaxation time before heading to Pangkor Marina for yet another haul out.
Crystal Beach has always been one of our favourite anchorages
The 4 day trip to Pangkor from Langkawi was its normal boring voyage without surprises and it was, with some relief, we anchored opposite the Marina beside this beautiful Mosque.

We berthed in the Marina just in time for Australia Day and of course, the obligatory lamb at our favourite German Kitchen & Bar. 

Dressed for Australia Day

Roast Lamb 

May all your bars be wooden and well-stocked!