Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Heading for the Boatyard

Land was created to provide a place for boats to visit -Brooks Atkinson
We left the Langkawi Yacht Club on 14 January, intending to have a couple of overnight stops before entering the boat yard. And, of course, straight into over 23 knots on the nose as it funnelled through the Langkawi Islands. First stop was Palau Timun, another favourite stopover. We had made friends with an old alpha male monkey who had severe facial injuries. When we say 'made friends', he would tolerate Lea getting close to lay down the oranges, but would not let Keith anywhere near him. 'Mr Wilson' may have bad experiences with the male of the species.
Mr Wilson
In later visits, Mr Wilson would be at the old cable drum as soon as he heard the dinghy outboard.
Next stop was Ko Koi Yai (now in Thailand unofficially) to wait for a rising ride the following day.
Ko Koi Yai marked
Comfortable anchorage in calm conditions

Tientos has a 2.5m draft, so we required a high tide to go up the Chebilang River. 
Deeper bit somewhere here
There were quite a few bumps and slides through mud until we tucked in behind a fishing boat. They were trying to sell us fish but we were more concerned with avoiding the shallow bits.
Follow the big guy

Entry into the PSS Shipyard is by a railway and the great diver always ensures your keel is firmly in its appointed spot. 
The diver in yellow
Staying aboard as you rattle your way along the rail line is terrifying (just kidding) but you have a great view. 
Starting the journey
We had come a long way
Once the yacht is positioned in place and straightened, (have you ever noticed how many other yachties stand around watching this process)Immigration comes to the yard. 
Always supervisors
The following day is a visit to Satun to finalise Customs and the Harbourmaster.
We were in the boatyard! 

May all your bars be wooden and well-stocked!

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