Monday, 5 March 2007

Reflections on PSS Shipyard

All of life is a foreign country - Jack Kerouac
In between focusing on your own projects and maintenance, a boat yard takes on a life of its own. Meeting new friends, catching up with old friends and exploring your new surroundings.
Always a gathering with yachties and staff
In our weekend sojourns to Satun, we had the continual services of a young tuk-tuk driver. He did not speak a word of English, but as soon as he saw our phone number on his mobile, he arrived at either the yard or On's. 
Banking as usual

Street outside the yard
He also arrived to take me to the hospital at Satun when I wrenched my shoulder. From the time we arrived until being attended by the Orthopaedic surgeon, the service could not be faulted. After paying a hefty AUD$19, it was an enforced week stay at the Singkiat (how sad) while Keith continued on with the projects. The only downside of the stay was no Kindle available, but boy was I fed! A continuing stream of visitors fluffing my pillows and feeding me. Thai hospitality is amazing! Even more so on our Wedding Anniversary when flowers arrived!
With On and her wonderful staff
Wedding Anniversary flowers from On

Keith gave the son of the yard boss a pair of his old 'firie' boots; he never took them off.
The 'firie' boots
The yard was a continual stream of boats in and out and no space was left for long.
Squashing in the Police boat
Rik, a Canadian, on Dikenji, suffered a 'little' mishap as the cradle supporting the yacht collapsed. This became a rumour of epic proportions among the yachting fraternity who were not even in the yard. No, the yacht wasn't dropped, no, the yacht wasn't crushed! However, as we all looked on at the attempt to use a crane, Lea had a brainstorm!  Put the yacht and cradle back in the water and she will right herself...a pat for the lady cruisers here girls.
Just as bad from the other side
That crane is not going to work


We arrived into the yard in time for Chinese New Year. The yard owners, being of Chinese-Thai descent hosted a fantastic party for guests and staff alike. Everything, and I mean everything, was provided. Entertainment, food, whiskey, and of course, karaoke! 
The party set up
Yachties are always early
Keith on karaoke again!
Food and drink for everyone

Even the launching from the yard comes with much pomp and ceremony; an infusion of both cultures. Flowers on the bow to ward off bad spirits along with lots of firecrackers. This was to be a custom we would continue.
Fresh orchids
All good things must come to an end, so with our major projects finished, it was time to head for Phuket for another crew adventure. Our new crew, Stephen, wanted a tour of Phang Nga Bay.
The next crew adventure
Leaving the river and finally dropping the pick once more is such a relief. Out of the dust of the yard, Keith painted the last of the deck. We toasted to our refit and the next escapade.
Painting the last of the deck

May all your bars be wooden and well-stocked!

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