Thursday, 11 February 2016

Preparation for departure (again)

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail - Benjamin Franklin
As our intended departure looms for our return to SE Asia in July, it is all go, go, go! Whilst we have completed many jobs, the list doesn't seem to be getting shorter!
So what have we doing to the old girl (that's Tientos) back in Darwin?
Firstly, it was the removal of the water sodden bulwarks. The originals were some 6 inches high, flush with the sheer line, but over the years the timber had become water logged and deteriorated to the point the tracks were ripping out. So off they came!
The original bulwarks
We were extremely concerned about the state of the sheer but it was in an excellent condition and with huge appreciation to Mark from Relapse, who gave us the best advice, faired up beautifully.
Before Mark
After Mark

Once the bulwarks were replaced with timbers, netting was installed to protect the cats (who had already fallen in)...thank goodness for the hawsers alongside.
Sinh checks out the new bulwarks and netting
No exit here either!
Remember the targa we had built in Thailand? Well that came off as well as we didn't like the weight on the stern. It is now a swing for children in the boss' yard. The solar panels were returned to the davits with extras on the cabin top.
Bennett and Sinh confirm the solar panels are in place

The anchor winch was reseated, the electric motor replaced and the winch repainted. During this exercise the cranse iron dropped! Given the muddy bottom, it was time to bring in the diver, who did find it under supervision!
Supervising the diver

In the saloon the seats were recovered making them now cat-resistant and the carpet floors were replaced with timber. And, as detailed in our previous post, the fridge/freezer was finally rebuilt. 
Keith replaces the flooring
New cat resistant covers
We sold our old faithful tinny and 8hp Yamaha with Keith thinking smaller...2.3 single skin polyurethane dinghy with a 3.5hp motor. Following my 'what-if' ethos, that tiny little thing is never ever ever going to move Tientos; happiness is a BIG tinny! So an order was put in for a 320 Quintrex and another 8hp Yamaha. 

So what is still on the to-do list? Or the buy list?

  • New steering hydraulic pump for the helm
  • Upgrading the emergency steering system
  • Propeller checked for balance and wear
  • Shaft checked and cutlass bearing replaced
  • Rebuild the rudder (the current open cell foam has degraded)
  • Check the heat exchangers (we last had them done in 2012), injectors and the motor impeller
  • Replace the standing rigging
  • Replace all sea cocks (we had replaced all the plastic ones with bronze in 2005 but want new ones for peace of mind)
  • Gas system re-checked
The wish list still has a new Genoa (the main was new in 2012 but as we know, there is not a lot of wind in Asia, so it is hardly used!) Ditto with the Gennaker new in 2007; used a total of three times!
The biggest wish is a water maker as we enjoy our remote cruising but this is a serious expense when we can carry 2 tonnes. My argument is Keith's back is not getting any younger and the 'hunter and gatherer' expeditions are getting harder. 
We will keep you posted on the preparations...

May all your bars be wooden and well-stocked!