Thursday, 31 January 2008

On the move again: Thailand January

I cannot not sail - E.B.White
2008 was to see another 6 countries in 5 months on a return to Australia. 

Back in Kuah, our Air-X wind generator had been returned from Australia. Nothing wrong at all! We were putting in enough power with our solar panels, so the generator decided to keep sleeping.

We had another crew adventure coming up and Catherine joined us in Langkawi on 15 January for a month. First stop Thailand, clearing in at Phuket and a relaxing cruise around Phang Nga Bay. 

Australia Day saw us anchored at Koh Dam (the Chicken Islands) proudly flying all flags, eating lamingtons and meat pies, with Men At Work (Down Under) at full volume! We were getting lots of attention from holidaying Australians. 
Catherine helps Keith with raising the Thai flag

Tientos in the background at Koh Rok Nok
Missed the sign last time at Moraket Cave

Koh Dam (Chicken Islands)
Why they are called Chicken Islands...
Catherine enjoys the waters of Krabi
Another beachside bar
Hard work being crew on Tientos
Catherine and I being healthy
Australia Day

  May all your bars be wooden and well - stocked!