Friday, 13 October 2006

The end of Indonesia

Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another - John Dewey
The skies remained smokey with ABC News reporting both Singapore and Malaysia were also affected. After helping Michael from 'Renaitre' retrieve his sunken outboard, it was off for some quiet time skinny dipping and experiencing tropical paradises at Mesanak and Pakaul.
Rescuing the dropped outboard
The beaches were strewn with fresh coconuts filled with refreshing milk. We managed to bottle another batch of wine and clean up the last of 'Mrs Parrotfish' costume remnants.
Mr Crusoe and fresh coconuts
Secluded anchorages
Nongsa Point Marina was our first marina in 4 months and time to indulge in some culinary delights (Smoked Salmon breakfast).
The fast ferry traffic was a taste of what to come in the Straits
Breakfast in comfort

There is always a myriad of boat jobs to undertake in a marina; cleaning the boat, shopping, laundry, changing electronics to Singapore time but there was also time for swimming and happy hours with Bony Mahoney in the bar.
Singapore across the Straits
Swimming between boat jobs

During the shopping it was the first time seeing security in action checking underneath all vehicles. At the bar it was the first time ever Keith decided to join the karaoke competition.
Our first foray through Indonesia was not to be our last, and we would return again to this spectacular country.

May all your bars be wooden and well-stocked!

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