Saturday, 28 October 2006


Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore - L.Frank Baum
We departed Batam at 0900 on the 19th October to face the smog and challenge of the Singapore Straits; Keith with a very sore throat from karaoke! Crossing the Straits is interesting to say the least; there is one ship every few minutes in limited visibility and they have the right of way.
Smog and big ships
Playing dodgem
And ducking behind another

We had confirmed a berth with One 15 Marina, which was free owing to its ongoing construction on Sentosa Island. To enter the Marina, you first have to clear Quarantine and Immigration at Singapore's Western Anchorage. This involves the skipper getting aboard the Immigration vessel with papers and without incident. We finally tied at up 1500.
Immigration alongside
Don't think the tourists saw much either
The following day we travelled to OSDC (One Shop Document Centre) for our Port Clearance and returned in time for a BBQ hosted by the Marina. Met lots of wonderful people from Hong Kong, an exceptionally opulent charter yacht 'Ruling Angel' and other similarly large expensive motor yachts. We were in seriously expensive company here.
The Marina under construction
We had been to Singapore before (flying) so boat bits were the main focus before having fun.
We checked out Farrar Park for VDO instruments and found our water temperature and oil lights and an hourmeter. Installing these gauges caused the ignition key to break so back to Farrar Park to the locksmith.  Keith also oiled the stays and repaired the Genoa.
Three gas cylinders were filled (picked up and dropped off to the dock), new oil filters purchased and a new port light installed. Chinatown means food, a new wide angle lens and CD discs. Imagine also running into a previous work colleague from Charles Darwin University; what a small world.
Food and shoppping
Sentosa is a fun island and we took the time to cruise the luge, visit the pirate ship and the Sky Tower (the highest observation tower in Singapore) and check out the view from the cable car.  I flatly refused to enter the car with a see through floor!
View from the cable car
The tourist memento
We loved the luge
The Marina offered free transport to and from Vivo City regularly so it was far too easy to spend money in this vibrant city. We guaranteed a return as Terrance the Marina Manager promised us drinks at the new Clubhouse.

May all your bars be wooden and well-stocked!

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