Sunday, 19 November 2006

Port Klang

Adventure is worthwhile in itself - Amelia Earhart
After fueling up at the very convenient Marina bowser dock, we were once again off to meander the Malacca Straits, in company with solo sailor Michael on 'Renaitre'. After another pleasant overnight anchorage (still in the middle of nowhere), we entered the Klang River to anchor near the Royal Selangor Yacht Club. This is the host club for the 'Raja Muda Selangor International Regatta', and we were keen to visit and watch the frantic activities of the participating yachts. 
Riverside views
A forgotten competitor?

Having Pewter goblets aboard for rough weather (we normally use glass as we do not 'camp') a visit to Selangor for more Royal Selangor Pewter was in vain. They had moved to Kuala Lumpur. Oh well, another missed opportunity to spend money.
The participating yachts from all over the world

Royal Selangor Yacht Club

Australian Maid was to go on to win the Race!
This was the time a strike was held by the keepers of the rubbish gate upriver and down it came! 
A sea of rubbish

Tactical Directions

After looking for heads inside motorbike helmets, watching 'Tactical Directions' drag frequently, including at 4 in the morning, we decided 2 nights was enough. Little did we know we had a stowaway!
We left the busy port of Klang to anchor at Pulau Angsa to watch the start of the race. The overnight storms were quite spectacular and we enjoyed being at anchor as they raged around us.
Port Klang is the main port for Kuala Lumpur
The original lighthouse on Angsa was built in 1887 and it was interesting to see the differences. There is now a resort on the island, but as we motored past it looked quite empty.
Resort on Angsa with lighthouse on other side of island
The anchorage is always comfortable
Old and new Pulau Angsa Lighthouse
Another storm rolling in
Our next overnight anchorage was a great find - behind this house about 8m off the Malaysian Coast. Although we anchored here many times on our Malacca wanderings we never did find out what it was for. On this night, a local fisherman stopped us as we were dropping the pick and moved us along about a a mile. No payment necessary and no nets. A win-win situation.
Title for another movie?
May all your bars be wooden and well-stocked!

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