Friday, 24 November 2006


I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list - Susan Sontag
Malaysia, like Northern Australia, has a 'wet' and 'dry' season corresponding to the southwest and northeast monsoons. Having said that, even the 'dry' can deliver massive storms. We found the Malaysian Met Bureau was fairly accurate, but if we saw the larger fishing boats heading close to shore so did we. Isolated thunderstorms is translated to virtually every day around sundowner time just after anchoring.
Another storm brewing
Our anchorage at Pulau Lalang (Sembilan Islands) came just before a storm in excess of 40knts. Following our 'what-if' philosophy, our 170m of 13mm chain does not stay in the anchor locker, so we rode out the storms quite well. 
The following morning we arrived at the western side of Pangkor. Pangkor is a mountainous island with its highest peak at 1216 metres. The roads circle the island which offers exclusive resort accommodation, backpacker dorms, beautiful beaches, scenic nature and foodie's dreams.
So many options for the tourist
Tientos at Pangkor
This was the first time our dinghy had been in the water since Indonesia and it was delightful to motor around the bay and enjoy a swim. 
Tourists taking dive lessons
Still a quiet beach to be visited
Some resorts did not recover from the Tsunami of 2004
Apart from sampling the local cuisine, it was time for some repairs and maintenance once more in an exotic location. The rudder gland was tightened; stern gland and engine checked; 12v socket for the anchor light installed in the anchor locker; plug on the anchor light replaced and the nylon disc on the anchor roller replaced. The fuel leak from the injector pump had increased but tightening the injectors solved the problem and a motor oil leak was caused by a soon rectified loose filter. The water system was also integrated; both tanks in the saloon feeding the galley now operating through one set of valves. Always a sense of achievement when jobs are finished.
We woke the next morning to 6 fishing boats dredging the bay and scores of tourists and locals venting their anger from the beach. Whilst a protected area, this transgression made the Malaysian media as concerned citizens voiced their strong disapproval.  
Fishing for Anchovies
Nothing left

A smell was emanating from somewhere in the saloon so we elected to head for Lumut, which offered lots of shopping options, and track the source.

May all your bars be wooden and well-stocked!

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