Tuesday, 19 December 2006


For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go - Robert Louis Stevenson
With Trish aboard we departed Penang on 9th December for a circumnavigation of Langkawi
Trish never stopped smiling
We picked up a mooring at Palau Payar at 1530 which thankfully held for the overnight storm in excess of 35knots. Payar is a small island between Penang and Langkawi, frequented by many tourists on the ferry between the two main islands. It is the nearest place for snorkelling, diving and feeding baby sharks. 
Tourist diving mecca
The following day after a slow meander around the southern islands of Langkawi, we anchored at Echo Beach. This was to be our favourite chill out spot for the next decade. 
Not another yacht in sight
Quiet swim

We decided to head East about and anchored at Palua Timmen before heading to the famous 'Hole in the Wall'. Apart from the only floating restaurants in Langkawi, they also offer 'yacht-sitting' on the moorings. 
Floating restaurants and moorings

Arrive by dinghy

The food is fresh and tasty

Being shot by Archer fish through the floorboards of the floating restaurant is a hazard. but arriving by dinghy is a bonus. 
We ran into an old friend Terry from 'Drifter' and installed Total Tide for him, without expecting the chocolates and wine in return. Terry really knows the way to a woman's heart. 
Australian yacht Drifter

Tourists pay to see the eagles; we take the dinghy

More swims and dinghy tours at Tanjung Rhu, Paula Singa Besar (Great Lion Island) and Palau Singa Kechit and another yacht catchup.  We had lent a DVD to 'Giddyup' months earlier in Indonesia and finally got it back over sun-downers. 
Stunning sunset with the storms
Palua Dayang Bunting (The Island of the Pregnant Maiden) is an open anchorage but a must do to see the lake. After climbing up the jetty and a 10 minute climb on the hillside steps, there are another set of steps down to a deep blue fresh water lake. 
Trish and Lea hit the Banana Boat
Back to Kuah, the main harbour for Langkawi and tours of the island itself. Langkawi is steeped in legends woven into its history; the beautiful Mahsuri, the Mermaids Gold Ball and the Battle of the Giants. 
The Islands of Langkawi with Legends

The Lang is accepted as an eagle to the peoples of Langkawi
Kuah anchorage
Despite the perception of tourism, particularly with being a duty-free port, many of the islanders are actually farmers and fishermen, who are always willing to sell or trade.
Mandatory pancake making for the crew
Trish left us on the 19th December; she always had a smile and we loved having her aboard, particularly for pancakes. However, the Monsoon was coming in and it was time to think about Xmas.
The storms can be ferocious

May all your bars be wooden and well-stocked!

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