Wednesday, 16 August 2006

Lembata to Maumere

"The lovely thing about cruising is that planning usually turns out to be of little use". -  Dom Degnon

Following our departure from Lembata brought us to what would become one of our favourite spots at Kroko. At this time, we attempted the the southern channel and, although clear enough to see the bottom, with a 2.5m draft, we were bumping on the bottom. This bar was definitely not wooden! A fisherman coming past guided us to the right channel.  On future trips we would take the long way around.
Fish traps follow the adage location, location, location
The sandbar at low tide was to provide popular for BBQs
Stunning views
We anchored at Tg Gedung for an overnighter and respite from the windless (and relentless) swell. The following day after an 0645 departure with a reefed main we anchored at Maumere (Sea World), just in time for champagne and margaritas!
Sea World Resort
We were to become firm friends with Peter and Marlee on 'Cool Change', a 26' Vancouver, from Vancouver, and carry their beer for them. 
View with a Bintang
Maumere does not have the best holding and 'Muscat' required a rescue after dragging. 'Been-a-long' borrowed our hooker dive system to repair hull damage sustained at the non-wooden bar. "Adamant II" had their Aussie flag and the pole taken.
The Muscat rescue
Maumere was popular for crew changes, shopping and phoning home. Entrepreneurs would visit in dugouts; Jimmy was one who offered to do a 'fruit run'. Good idea - 5 bananas will be good until we get to Labuan Bajo. Mmm something missing in the translation as 5 hands were delivered!
This gorgeous child walked into the shot
The noise is endless

May all your bars be wooden and well-stocked!

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